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Our innovative programs are transforming and empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals. B.E.S.T. programs work to mentor, guide, and support students on their path to a career in healthcare.

Medical Pathway Paradigm

Core Programs

Program Spotlight


Summer Medical Academy

Provides hands-on experience for students in real-life situations and helps them better understand the functions of hospital departments


Social Determinants

Alumni experience hands-on opportunities to study underserved communities and health disparities with B.E.S.T. partner Grace Community Medical Center


Moffitt Physician’s Mentoring + Research

The mentorship program offers

students an opportunity to be with a diverse cohort of doctors, researchers and healthcare

professionals as they learn and grow.

best summer medical

School Partnerships


Dunbar Doc Program

This pathway program allows Dunbar students, primarily students of color, to continue their journey in studying within the Medical Field beginning at the elementary level through high school and beyond. 

Sligh Middle School

B.E.S.T. engages sixth thru eighth graders at Sligh Middle, through a Surgical and Memory Club.

The Surgical Club allows the students to explore and observe various surgical procedures.


Tampa Bay Tech

B.E.S.T. engages with TBT students through  virtual workshops involving live surgeries, medical presentations, and hands-on medical technique instruction.

A Look at the Programs

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