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A Special Announcement from Dr. Dexter Frederick

Over the last 3 years, B.E.S.T. has experienced a significant amount of growth. Growth in students, partners and outreach. With growth comes change and opportunities for more impactful ways to serve. We welcome the growth! Our goal has always been to walk by faith and enter the doors God graciously opens, and reach as many student scholars as possible, who have dreams, like I had, of becoming a medical doctor, board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, serving the medical needs of communities plagued by health disparities.

After 18 years of exposing approximately 5000 student scholars to careers in medicine, resulting in nearly 400 going onto become doctors, nurses and other needed important positions in healthcare. We are excited to announce these numbers will continue to increase because B.E.S.T. is going NATIONAL!

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a new role at Loma Linda University in Southern California as the new Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Associate Professor of Pediatrics. What does this mean for the B.E.S.T. ------. I will continue to serve as Founder and CEO of B.E.S.T. and Grace Glenn will help lead daily operations as Chief Operating Officer. Grace has faithfully served B.E.S.T for the last 8 years and I am grateful for her continued partnership. We are committed to serving youth across the nation, and beyond.

This growth has also attracted nationally top-ranked health systems like Howard University in

Washington DC, Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee and prestigious Mayo Clinic

and the list continues to grow. The opportunities of advancement with Loma Linda University

School of Medicine will add to the B.E.S.T. promise! Despite this expansion, Tampa Bay has

been and will always be our proud headquarters. This will not change!

I am grateful for the service of our prestigious board of directors, prominent community partners and sponsors, such as top-ranked Moffitt Cancer Center, Advent Health, University of South Florida, Florida Medical Clinic, Simply Health Care and Hillsborough County schools.

I also would like to thank our dedicated volunteers who serve with big hearts; you are an

invaluable resource to B.E.S.T.

I am optimistic that the future of B.E.S.T. is bright and that it will continue to be blessed with

individuals who will continue to shape lives which will support diversification in the healthcare

industry. This new chapter will serve to bolster B.E.S.T. on the national and international level

for so many more students and the future of healthcare!

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